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>>> this is nightly business reportbrought to you by -- >>> apple's influence, the company was the talk among investors and on wall street today. so why does this one company matter so much? >> back home, they're back. why homes are once again being built without a buyer being lined up in add vans. >>> and the cyber threat, what businesses and individuals can do to keep from being hacked. all that and more tonight on nightly business report for wednesday, april 24th. good evening, everyone. >>> apple's numbers were out yesterday. but the company was all the talk today, it was the day of reckoning. >> whether you were in your office or trading posts on wall street, everyone was talking about apple today. its stock, it's earnings, it's iphones and ipads and it's competito competitors. why is everyone so obsessed with apple? whether you know it or not, chances are some of your money is invested in apple. now the second most valuable pl company on the planet. 34 million shares traded hands today on the s&p 500. john takes a look at why apple is such an important company to wall
with that fake tweet from the associated press. the dow up 151. stand by for much more of the earnings from apple among others on the second hour of the "closing bell" with maria bartiromo. i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks in rally mode once again. investors getting set for big earnings news after the close tonight from apple. take a look at how we're settling out on the street today, and by the way, it was quite an exciting day today for the market. the dow up 150 points, finishing at the high of the afternoon, finishing at 14,718 on the industrial average. the s&p 500, also picking up 16 points on the session. better than 1% to 1,578. the nasdaq composite, up 16 points. but all was not well throughout the day. it was a fake tweet that shook the market before the close today. but rnearnings from apple are setting up to be a big story after the close as the earnings story continues. david tolisantoli, and our very own
at yum! brands, they are reporting but the big news is on apple. as soon as they report we'll get it to you right away as the bells are ringing. look at this day, wow! all indexes are up more than 1%. the dow is the laggard when you look at all others. biggest gainer, small and mid-size, sos in russell 2000. that is up over 1 1/2%. let's start with the dow up over 150 points. looks like it is closing a little bit higher as we settle here. s&p is up over 16. nasdaq is up over 35. again the big gainer was the russell 2000. small and big sized caps did very well, thank you. liz: let's press the rewind button this morning when earnings news came out and propelled the markets higher. dupont profit was more than doubled. it was helped by a dry spell in the midwest which led farmers to buy the drought-ready products that dupont makes. the company says its bookings were higher for may, also for the summer coming up but did warn that business demand has been pressured since the sequestration cuts began, mark faber, hasn't forgotten about gold. gold falling for the first time in four sessio
. afterhours action. the apple conference call is kicking off right now. rise of the machines. it was the hack heard around the market after someone posted a fake tweet from the associated press. how can you protect yourself against fake flash crashes? and the friendly skies? the dreamliner finally helped boeing investors sleep at night. we're tackling the post game analysis. let's get straight to the afterhours action in apple. shares resuming trade just about ten minutes ago. it is higher on the back of the earnings release. what is the latest here? >> well, i think expectations are finally low enough. call hasn't started yet. we're still listening to classical music. here's what we know so far. apple beat on the top line, $3.4 million. that's about $600 million over their range. guide anls a little disappointing, $34.5 billion. they're guiding to 36, 37% gross margins. but maybe the bigger story overall, returning cash. this did hike the dividend. they did increase the allot. . they did say that they're going to borrow money to help them manage cash in the future. symbol icalically that's a
. and, apple finally plans to turn over a bundle of its cash to shareholders. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's wednesday, april 24th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: apple's relief rally. shares of apple raced above $400 after the close. the tech company topped earnings and revenue numbers. its sales forecast was weak, but apple will return $100 billion to shareholders. it's said to be the largest dividend play in the world. federal investigators look into a hack attack of the associated press' twitter account. a fake tweet of an explosion at the white house that injured the president set off a mini flash- crash in the market. the dow dropped 145 points in a matter of seconds. the dow bounced back to rally 152 points on the all-clear. gold is down 7 dollars, oil up 18 cents. and an outtage on the charles schwab website had day traders and others complaining on twitter. the company immediately acknowleged the trouble. today could get a little crazy for traders out there. joining
.com. >>> not upon setting the applecart. apple earnings better than expected, for the most part and the market responds after hours. >> and midwest flooding, rain and snow soaked the country's midsection and the worst may be yet to come for businesses and farmers. >> and hollywood's new courtship. why the movie industry is seducing aging baby boomers. all of that and more on "nightly business report" for tuesday april 23rd. good evening, everyone. tyler, what a day. a lot of drama, a lot of suspensisu suspen suspense. there was that surprising sell-off on wall street and the apple earnings after the market closed and. >> and yet when all was said and done the markets gaining for the third straight day, despite a mid-session sell-off on a fake tweet that spooked already jittery traders, but the big story right now is apple's second-quarter earnings and the news was mostly good. apple beat on the top and bottom lines on strong sales of the iphone and the ipad tablet. it's increasing a stock buyback program by a staggering $50 billion, spending some of its cash hoard and it's being. >>ing up its
bell rings] now we're down to 135. david: apple is something we'll talk in just a moment about big-time. meantime the market is down today. it has been worse. it is down 137 points. at one point it was down 180 but it has recovered. it has been up and down, sort of like the rumors about the situation in boston. we hear one thing, we hear another, it is up and it is down. that is pretty much what happened to the market across the board. what is most concern what is happening with nasdaq and a lot of that concern is focusing on what's happening with apple. apple going below the $400 level at one point. it is trading just above and below the $400 as we close, lori. lori: that's right. flight it quality. interest rates lower. stock market lower. oil lower. as the bells ring we'll zero in on earnings reports. we have two big earnings movers today. bank of america falling after posting smaller than expected increase in quarterly problem. this has revenue in most of its businesses declined. the company said it made more home loans and investment banking fees increased. >>> you are shares
live on the nyse. it does not get bigger than mornings like this. boeing, at&t, procter, apple, of course, from last night and the futures are a little mixed here hugging the flat line and a miserable durable goods order since august and we'll see if we get a 3% gdp number on friday. in europe, second monthly decline in german business sentiment and there is a look at how the economy is doing this morning. our road map begins with disappointme disappointment. investor disappointment in apple. shares back below 400 despite the iconic tech company now becoming the single biggest dividend payer in the world with the largest buyback plan ever launched. add to that the first drop in profits in the decade. is the romance finally over? >> #rebound. the market's looking to open higher after shaking off a dramatic snap sell-off following the erroneous tweet yesterday. >> earnings from both topping estimates. >> and bird flu in china, aside, yum brands serving up a consensus quarter with reaffirmed guidance for the year. >>> apple falling back below 400 this despite better than expected
. >>> apple's earnings don't excite investors but the tech giant will give shareholders a major thank you gift in the form of one of the biggest cash payouts in history. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >> breaking news first out of germany. we have been waiting for the survey. it looks like it is coming in shy of what the market was anticipating. the 104.4 is the reading compared with forecasts of 106.2. expectations that 101.6 is short of the 103 level we were looking for. it looks as though sentiment is softer than the market was anticipating. here's a look at what the euro is doing. selling off by a third of 1% on the back of that news. perhaps yet more speculation of an ecb rate cut. let's ask larry. welcome. before this data, were you in the ecb will cut here camp? >> yes. we have moved to that position. we think they'll cut a quarter point. this coming month. they may wait until june when they have a read on inflation but it is coming we think. >> there's been german opposition. a great interview with one of the five wi
to look at apple's new way to make money and possibly your new way to make money from apple. details starting to come out regarding the apple i-offering. they talked about it on fast. we'll take you through it as well. new flooding in the middle west. there are very dramatic pictures. more rain is coming, and get this -- snow is on the way in may. what does it mean for corn, white, soy, the ag stocks? we'll take you through that. >>> and the twitter takedown. last we're starts to spur interest from washington, and one. >>> first to sue at the nyse sources are telling cnbc the bond sale from apple will be the largest ever. seema mody? >> the deals won't be completed until later this afternoon, but early indications show this six-part bond sale will be well received over over-subscribed sources say demand for apple's debt will be in the $40 to 50 billion range, but could head north of that. the ten-year fixed note it's expected to trade about 90 to 95 xwaz points, which of course is the u.s. ten-year treasury. of course, that number is not final yet, still subject to change. how would
fund manager tells you where he's finding the green. with apple breaking suld you be getting in? one trader says yes. the other one says no way. will it be sell in may? or can the major averages which have already come so far reach even greater heights? we're trading the action with steven weiss. joe, get us started. big week ahead. we see where the rally has brought us to. where does it go next. >> big week ahead. we're closing out what's been a really good month despite lousy economic news. i liked the participation this week of technology. i remain long on using many s&p designs. the one move i have made today, crude oil, i've taken profits on that position. but we go into may with clearly a tail wind for the equity markets. >> fed begins its meeting, ecp this week. earnings, what do you do? what are you doing today? >> today i'm not doing anything to. >> why. >> there's a lot of risk. i'm sitting with these guys. there's nothing more i need to to, scott. but i'm long in the market. here are the concerns. i'll be interested to hear what steve has to say, but i've not spoken to a p
from apple. >> if there's one tech company to focus on, it's appear he he will. >> it's an important quarter for the iphone and ipad maker, investors would like an a crease to the dividend. it's at a 2.5% yield. they would like something closer to 4. the stock is trading near the lowest level because of the worries of the days of profitability of the company being over. expectations for the march quarter keep racheting down, because we are in the middle of a product refresh vacuum. right? but it's not only the march quarter that investors are concerned about. they are concerned about the june quarter that may show more signs of a slow-down as existing, iphone 5 and ipad strt to show age and in front of the next launch of the products. >> apple has already poured cold water on wall street's hopes for surprise up side, saying that sales will be up to around $42 billion. and margins will be down and unlike in the past, this time management promises those projections will prove accurate. a key story line to watch with the stock, pc versus mobile. pc's are under pressure with sales down,
. our all-star star power panel is here to break it down. >>> apple is struggling to get its mojo back but is partnering up yahoo! a smart idea? a top tech expert smells desperation in the air and he will tell us why. more "money" straight ahead. ♪ . ♪ . melissa: it is all over the news. no not bit coins. the president released his new budget today but here on "money" we dig into how it affects you and your money. from some angles it is looking look a war on money. three of the biggest opening shots target money. income tax on households over a million dollars. that is known as the "buffett rule". there is million cap on iras and tax deferred private savings and hit on private equity financial capital and financial managers and limited partners would pay earned income tax on carried interest. let's go to the money power panel. we have a rich unger, forbes contributor. you recognize him. jonas nas max ferris market watcher and wonderful stephen hayes from the "weekly standard", a fox news contributor. welcome all of you to the show. jonas, let me start with you. is this a war on mon
money. melissa: our top story tonight, apple earnings are out. their conference call is getting underway. let's go to adam shapiro on the breaking news desk. what are you hearing? >> real quick, apple after-hours is trading up almost 4%. something investors liked on this earnings report. they beat the street came in $10.09. street was excting $10. revenue was a big beat. it was 46 billion. the street was expecting 42.31 billion. here is the big thing. they have $145 billion cash on hand. they will return some of that money to their shareholders. they're hiking the dividend, melissa from $2.65 a quarter up to $3.5. announced a continuation of the multishare buyback program -- $305. that will raise the stack in after-hours. get down to numbers that you can relate to. do you have an iphone? someone does because they sold 37.4 million iphones in the quarter compared to 35.1 million in the year ago quarter. to put it in perspective in the christmas quarter a year ago, when everyone is buying holiday gifts, this he sold 37 million iphones. this quarter they, that we're reporting they sold 37.4
on this. what do we know? dennis: quite a fall from grace for ron johnson who left apple, built a business to go into jcpenney and turn it into a slick, hip, output. he wanted to ban sales. he did. this is we have to give him time to turn this around, hit them going with discounts again and now ron johnson is out and a veteran retail executive has rejoined the company as chief executive at jcp effective immediately and elected to the board of directors. coming at a highly accomplished retail executive serving as ceo of jcpenney until late 2011. ron johnson is stepping down and leaving the company as the stock of jcpenney after hours popping 11% on the first reports that ron johnson is leaving. when he came in a year ago, jcpenney stock popped on hopes of johnson could do something to add some sizzle to this middle of the road retailer. it is not as hip as it needs to be, not as young as it needs to be. ron johnson tried to establish all of these branded stores within a store. they are now fighting over the martha stuart brand. one of the new store in a store they started. now we will see w
lemon erupt, apple, the $381 billion lemon in the room. finally, finally, those analysts that held out hope for a gigantic dividend boost that would put apple in the 4%-year-old club. or those that held out for a new product that would save 2013 decided to jump off the cliff. we got a plethora of downgrades -- sell sell sell -- and price target cuts the kind usually saved for accounting scandals or a sudden and high profile resignation, the hatred of apple's management is now so palpable that i find myself in an awkward place, an awkward place of feeling bad for billionaires! irrespective of my alleged great great uncle vladmir lemon's premonition, it's their onfall the lemon beier -- behavier is not just in apple. check out eli lilly. it beat the street estimates with an earnings report. the special status of its blockbuster anti-psychotic drug xyprexa. today saying it was a lower tax rate, research credit, one-time payment that did the trick. oigs, it was the usual cost-cutting. yeah, wow the lemmings are saying today it just won't cut it. there's got to be some growth, a scintilla o
. first, there's apple. the $381 billion lemon in the room. finally, those analysts who would put apple in the same 4% yield club ♪ hallelujah >> or those who decided to save it for 2013 fall off the cliff. we have a plethora of downgrades. >> sell, sell, sell. >> and price target cuts. the kind used for accounting scandals or high-profile resignations. the hatred of apple's management is now so palpable that i find myself in an awkward place. an awkward place of feeling bad for billionaires. if the rich are unhappy, it's their own fault, but the lemming behavior is not just with apple. check out eli lilly. the blockbuster anti-psychotic drug, but a patent cliff, that's one thing. a lcemming cliff is another. one-time payment, otherwise the strength was off from the usual cost cutting. yeah. and, well, cost cutting, the lemmings are saying today it just won't cut it. there's got to be some growth. a cint ichilla of growth. the other stocks turned into lemmings that came from bristol-myers, pfizer, suddenly had hair on it. the tactical term for, oh, boy, things are not as clean as i th
.com. >>> bonding with investors. apple grabs wall street's attention by doing something it hasn't done before, borrowing money, lots of it. >>> housing bubble? home prices are climbing. inventory is falling. but is the fear of an overheating housing market overblown? >>> and smart cookies. what the girl scout leaders are doing to teach the young leaders of tomorrow the art of money management. on the "nightly business report" for april 30th. another milestone day in a month full of them. >> you know, tyler, they say on wall street that ril is the best month for the dow, and this april stuck to that tradition, not just for dow, but all the major averages ended the month up with gains, up almost 2%. and the s&p 500 reaching a new all-time high. the markets got a lot of help from a 3% jump in apple shares, a strong reading on consumer sentiment for the month of april, and more good news about housing. and we'll have more on apple and housing in just a moment. the dow has now made gains for 16 tuesdays in a row, and today those blue chip stocks and the nasdaq both ended 21 points higher. the s&p
keene is still fearless when it comes to apple, which is now trading below $400. our favorite apple trader joins us now for chart talk. of course, it's andrew keene, president of good morning to you. where is the floor on apple stock? - i'm calling it right now on worldwide tv, $360. i don't see apple breaching this. you have got to take into consideration that they still have that $137 billion in cash. they are going to pick up probably another $13 billion this year, up to $150. if they do anything with their cash at any point in time - buying netflix, stock purchase plan, or a huge dividend, the stock cost $50 in a heartbeat. but, if you look at the daily chart, i talked about it in my trading room, $419, it looked like it wasn't going to go lower - it broke it in a heartbeat. then it broke $400. on friday, the futures were up 5.5 points, apple was down $5.50 on the opening. every $1.10 apple moves is $1 billion in market cap. - traditionally apple rallies ahead of earnings. earnings are coming up on tuesday. what do you think? will we get a rally here? - i d
in central afghanistan. >>> many investors are frowning as they sitting through the latest reports from apple, ink. good morning. what do investors see in apple? >> good morning. the latest financial results from the tech giant were better than most analysts predicted. still, investors see a loss of momentum because officials and apple saw their quarterly earnings fall for the first time in a decade. they say the decline in the january to march period stems from sales of lower priced products. officials said on tuesday their net profit tumbled nearly 18% year on year in the last quarter to less than $10 billion. earnings are down despite an 11% rise in sales to more than $43 billion. customers chose cheaper models with smaller profit margins. but chief executive, tim cook, said he's optimistic about apple's future and said the recent fall in the share price has been frustrating to him and his staff but added the company's position remains strong. apple officials said they will share $55 billion in profit with stakeholders through dividends and share buybacks. investors see this decision as a
a 3% jump in apple shares, a strong reading on consumer sentiment for the month of april, and more good news about housing. and we'll have more on apple and housing in just a moment. the dow has now made gains for 16 tuesdays in a row, and today those blue chip stocks and the nasdaq both ended 21 points higher. the s&p 500 added four to close at yet another record. and looking at the market's scorecard so far for 2013, the dow has soared 13%. the s&p is up 12%. and the nasdaq is higher by 10%. >>> apple wowed investors today, and not because it unveiled a new ipad or an iphone. it is launching a massive corporate bond deal. $17 billion. that is the biggest non-bank corporate bond issue ever and apple's first debt offering in years. why are they doing it? >> tyler, the capital way apple's bonds will be used to fund the company's enhanced dividend and payout plan, which of course was announced last week. my reporting shows that apple's bond sale closed at $17 billion, the largest ever for a nonfinancial firm. it looks like apple's ten-year fixed rate bond, which is really what invest
. and to see what musk has to say about that business. stay with us for that. >> and maria, former apple ceo, john sculley, giving some advice to apple's archrival, samsung. what's the advice? we, he thinks samsung should hire former jcpenney ceo, ron johnson. sku skulley's here to explain why in an exclusive interview. >> let's get to the markets as we approach the final stretch. take a look at where we are. a gain of 64.5 points. earlier today, the market had been lower, lower down as much as 17 points on the dow. the high, up about 85 points on the dow industrials. and as you can see, we are holding on to a double-digit move. nasdaq up 3.5 points, yesterday nasdaq was the best performer. let's get a check on what's sending the s&p to new heights. >> just off the highs, two to one advancing to declining stocks. it's been basically straight up since bottom, that was friday, just after the open, after that lousy jobs report. broad advances. what do i mean by that? look at the sectors. when you get material stocks advancing as much as consumer discretionary, consumer staples and health care,
. >> big reversal. big reversal on apple certainly. the much anticipated earnings report expected tomorrow. after the break we're going to find out exactly what to expect from apple. plus, we'll debate why the stock is having such a tough time lately dropping below 400 just last week. >>> then the faa warning about long airport delays because of government budget cuts. but in addition to grounding your travel plans, the cuts could also prevent your portfolio from taking flight which we will look at coming up. >>> don't miss my exclusive interview coming up with johnson & johnson ceo alex gorsky. that stock hitting an all-time high today. how he plans to push it even higher. that and a lot more coming up on the "closing bell," most important hour of the trading day right now. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official
on apple as a major mea culpa comes from the company. are they feeling the burn? a major apple shareholder weighs in. and listen up, two of david joist's stock picks up more than 20% since the last time he was on with us. don't you want to hear the new names today for your portfolio? "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. ♪ well, take a look at all the numbers. welcome, everybody. the markets are back with avengeance today. s&p and dow close to record closes. good afternoon, everybody, i'm liz claman, thank you for joining us for this all-important "count down to the closing bell," and records, we have to close above 14578 #. that's where we have to close above that. well above right now, at least for the moment, up 70 points off the highs of the session, but for the s&p 500, we have to close above 1569.19. look where we are now. 1569.08, just a little, little way slightly below it. exciting hour. every second of the way, our buzz keeps you updated, and this preacher keeps you updated as well. we can point to the health sector, certainly, and the best performing sector of the
of pfizer, sent that stock lower. pharmaceuticals lower. but that bond offering from apple was a huge success. that stock is up 3% right now. so a mixed day, but generally, the bias is to the upside right now, maria. >> yeah, big success on apple. lots of buzz around that. we, of course, are on top of these historic markets and we'll be getting into that in a few minutes with a very special guest. we have major asset allocators here at this conference. scott minerd is coming up soon and talk about how he's placing capital. later, i'm speaking with the former british prime minister, tony blair, john calamos, and eric cantor. a hot show coming here, a huge day at this global conference. >> everybody's at the conference. here's where we stand right now. down open this morning, but we have since come back. right now the dow is up eight points, near the highs for the session. and this would be the 16th consecutive up tuesday if we were to close positive. just an incredible run for that market. the nasdaq, also higher, powered higher by apple, which was up 3% today. it's up 17 points right
♪ ♪ stuart: where will it go today? we are talking apple. a selloff that ranks right up there with bust. when the stock opened today, will the first number pa three? in six months, the price has been cut in half and millions own a piece of it. you will see the opening quotes. a fire breaks out at a fertilizer plant in texas. firefighters rushed to the scene. the plant explodes. first responders are among the many dead. the town of west is devastated. what a week. body and company is about to begin. w boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket sence. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. comman
-box. computer hardware and apple that is a name that everybody is familiar with with below and hit another low trading as low as 393. i have to be crossing it out because i have to look at it going lower and lower. trying to buy on the way up is what charles is trying to do rather on the way down. dagen: a week of news and we're not just talking about the market's. president obama in boston this hour attending the interfaith service for the victims of the attack. this is the investigation and those behind the bombing continues and the devastating news does not and there an explosion at a fertilizer plant wreaking havoc on the town of west texas. many are still missing and several said. connell: also the market's with nicole but first let's go to rich edson as the president is in boston. what about the bombings? >> what we look not right now from our security team that the fbi is considering whether to release video and pictures of what they believe could possibly believe one or two suspects. there is video of at least one of the devices being placed that is an internal process as to whether or
the show is that one, apple. the tech giant expected to post earnings of $10.01 per share. folks, that would be a 19% drop year over year, the first expected drop in more than a decade. now, revenue is seen rising 8% to 42.3 billion. he here as always is going to be iphone sales. the main driver of apple revenue, we're going to speak with analysts all morning to get their perspective on the name. but what is your take, america? log in to facebook and vote in our arm chair analyst poll. will apple tonight meet, beat or miss estimates? as for the economy, here is today's calendar. >> how is the crowd sourcing experiment gone so far? i haven't looked at the results. >> the results for coming. >>? >> i can't even log in to the borrowing page. >> they've gotten some decent numbers that have come this. i think there are 1500 or 1700 -- >> but are they better -- >> they're good at it, but i think we have made the mistake of picking from predictable companies. that's why we started picking some trickier companies like apple. that's the one that's up in the air. nobody knows exactly what'
>>> tonight apple opens the door to its vault what. they plan to do with the cash they've stacked. >> a set back in a reservoir site. what they found here that could leave parts of the bay area high and dry a horny -- thorny tweet and there is little we can do to stop it and a highway whistle blower says guardrails may not guard at all. >> tonight apple loosens it's grip on an unprecedented hoard of cash and it should be good news for anyone who owns apple stock. good evening. >> apple's refusal to let go of the money stashed in the bank iso blame for a decline in stock price. it's fallen in seven months so the company announced a plan to return cash to shareholders. the stock rose today but it hasn't done much in after hours trading. david louie is live outside in cupertino tonight with the story. david? >> apple's decision to share cash comes in an interesting time today apple confirmed earnings dropped 18%. apple seems to be shoring up it's competence at the same time as consumers seemed to be lured away by competitors. one quarter doesn't make or break a company. but a drop do
night. until then, goodnight. >>> tonight apple opens the door to its vault what. they plan to do with the cash they've stacked. >> a set back in a reservoir site. what they found here that could leave parts of the bay area high and dry a horny -- thorny tweet and there is little we can do to stop it and a highway whistle blower says guardrails may not guard at all. >> tonight apple loosens it's grip on an unprecedented hoard of cash and it should be good news for anyone who owns apple stock. good evening. >> apple's refusal to let go of the money stashed in the bank is partly to blame for a decline in stock price. it's fallen in seven months so the company announced a plan to return cash to shareholders. the stock rose today but it hasn't done much in after hours trading. david louie is live outside in cupertino tonight with the story. david? >> apple's decision to share cash comes in an interesting time today apple confirmed earnings dropped 18%. apple seems to be shoring up it's competence at the same time as consumers seemed to be lured away by competitors. one quarter doesn't
for show a share, you can keep your head. >> you sound called. by now you know all the numbers as apple can mount -- came out not too bad and revenues north of 38 billion that is staggering debt those nummers a tad better than expected. so the company beat the reaper then announced a $50 billion share buyback to raise dividends and we're off to the races to say things are getting better and of might be true but for many that set the stage for apple is losing some of coulee fact. reading my "wall street journal" and what i show you here, hello. how're you? i show the multi page spread not the answer to but the front section? we'll tell this goes on. the cool thing is that this phone does to combine photos , get your friends together on one mutual chat and hook up to your tv, they can go to various angles and make your breakfast. this is cool and all the buzz and all the rage. this used to be apple. i am to be a -- chilling new multi page spreads, like this full disclosure i am an apple shareholder i and in deep whenever. we have the editor in chief of the tech site being out cool? immigrate
for the company. is it too late to buy the stock. >> we're counting down to apple's earnings report and that will be after the close. the shares over the $400 mark. one way or the other. >> luxury not dead, at least not according to coach and we'll dig deeper into those numbers. >> u.s. airways and delta beating those numbers. >> not quite as sanguine. we'll take a look at the airline sector and talk about travel turbulence a bit, as well. >> definitely not comericcal. >> for the first time since september 2011. the video streaming service posted quarterly earnings of 31 cents and well above estimates and said it added 2 million streaming subscribers in the u.s. helped by "house of cards." people, jim, this morning are saying netflix became hbo faster than hbo could become netflix. >> 30 million. internationally you got more than 30 million. i don't think people realize how non-promotional will this conference call was. it really was. they said, listen, the reason why we did well is -- no, it's a combination of things. we didn't lose people after we made the change. people do like "
apple? hovering around $400 a share, failing to impress shareholders with t earnings last night. but is wall street just overreacting to what is still a very profitable, strong company? >> tim cook admits, they are a mature technology company. doesn't make them a bad company, though, right? >> but does it make them valued at 700? >> that's the question. >> just how big a threat are the hacks like we saw at that fake ap tweet yesterday to the market's integrity. cfte commissioner bart shulton weighs in on that. he wrote an op-ed piece today and we'll get his comments, coming up. >> the dow jones industrial average down just a fraction. been a negative day all day, but we are off of the worst levels, 14,712, last trade of the blue chip average. nasdaq looks like this, highest level of the day. in positive territory, keeping in positive territory with a gain of about seven points but a quarter of a percent. s&p 500 looks like this, similar chart pattern as the nasdaq, where it too hovers a to the highest levels of the day, having reversed early losses. major averages coming off the
at .71 yield. tiler back to you. >> thank you very much. apple stock falling far from the tree. the company's plan failed to ignite investors. soft outlook from apple from the current quarter prompted at least 17 brokerages to cut their targets. there you see, let's let that linger here so people can get their minds around what they're looking at here. it is off more than 40% from its all-time high. back in september. now josh is going explain how wall street got so much so wrong on apple in just a moment. but first on why curiously apple is issuing new debt to do these stock buy backs and pay the dividend despite the fact that they got $145 billion. >> you have to keep in mind that a significant amount of cash is overseas this makes economics unattractive to use this cash towards re-purchases. it would require ap toll pay a high tax rate for the must issuing debt would lower apple's cost of capital. apple will likely issue new bonds. what would this look like? take a look at its tech peers. has a roughly 2% yield. microsoft ten year bond has a yield. a bond issued by apple wou
>> apple, the tech giant everyone loves to bite, squeeze, and chew on, is announcing earnings. the stock hammered in recent week z as everyone tries to time it. it's now the right time to buy finally. dr. doom and gloom himself calls for a market crash, a correction for ages as he's called out by the blogs as missing the target. he now makes a new bold prediction. what is it, and is he finally right? we got tough questions for mark bobber. and social security -- it's playoff time. emotionally charged celtics team returns tonight down one game, a fox business exclusive with the celtics ceo and co-owner on the booming business of basketball, and how boston's team and city are doing. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. ♪ good afternoon, everybody, i'm liz claman, breaking news. the gains in the markets you see below us on the screen belie what happened just after 1 p.m. eastern time. that's when the associated press' twitter account, close to 2 million followers, was hacked and an erroneous tweet sent out, bogus, claiming there was two explosions at the white hous
. here's one. apple was down closing a new 52-week low. this is a name that has by f bifurcated from the market. in a week we're going to get massive earnings from google, ibm tonight. these are cyclical names so they're not setting up that well right now. so, you know, i think you have to avoid some of these things. especially a name like google that saw heavy inflows from all this apple weakness. if you don't think people will have their eyes there, you have to be careful. >> gold got no bid whatsoever. it was higher earlier in the session. turned and finished the day up by just a touch. what do you make of that? >> and volatility came out of that. to feed off what these gentlemen said and they're right, especially with energy, i think if you see margin selling like we saw in gold and you see that in oil which we haven't seen as aggressively. not nearly as aggressively as we have in gold. that could put a lot of the drillers off pretty significantly. i was seeing people, big institutions, pull back from esv, diamond offshore, drill, sdrl. i was seeing them pull back from those dram
, apple closely watched today after posting results last night and up next, tony sack naggy will tell us and jim chanos our guest host for the entire hour reveals whether he is still short dell and hp and whether he has any position in apple. we'll be right back. >>> we are back with steven weise, pete najarian and our guest host, jim chanos. apple the stock to watch today following earnings report and news it's hiking its dividend and buying back stock. got to ask about apple. >> okay. >> what's your take on what's going on there? what's your position, if any? >> we have a small long position in our hedge fund. we have a position in two companies, samsung and apple. and we have them against -- i think it's fair to say, pretty good sized short positions. >> we're going to talk about. >> and that has not -- that was a great trade until the fall of last year. it's been a pretty bad trade so far in the fall, spring of this year. but i don't think really fundamentals are changing a lot. i think apple has got its own issues. but, boy, oh, boy, the pc business is falling apart fast. >> you nev
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